Response to weekly writing challenge…


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Should children be able to go to nice restaurants? Or should us adults be able to enjoy the ambiance without hideous screaming and snotty children running around, touching our ‘Saturday night clothes’ with their yoghurt covered fingers? This is the type of question that always divides opinion!

As a primary school teacher, dealing with 4-11 year olds on a daily basis, you would be forgiven for presuming that my opinion would be closer to the latter, but actually my opinion is that children should be welcome.

There are many children who have great manners, who have been bought up to have respect for their surrounding and those around them and why should they not be welcome to experience anything that their parents deem to be something they would enjoy?

On the flip side of this, there are many adults who do not have manners, great or otherwise, have no respect for anyone around them and I would propose that perhaps it is these people that I would not want to spend my Saturday night sat close to…

Do you share your blog with friends and family? Or is it your secret project?


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Telling my best friend on the planet that I’d started a blog, I should’ve expected the natural response ‘send me the link so I can read it’…but it still filled me with dread, and raised the important question; If the point of a blog is to share your views/network/entertain people, how honest can you be if you also want to share it with your loved ones?? Do you share your blog with friends/family? Does this influence what you write?

My maiden voyage in blogging..


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So…my first ever blog; What brought me here? What am I expecting? What will I even say? Who knows!

I suppose I should start with a few words about who I am..well, I’m in my early thirties, I’m a primary school teacher, I’m getting married next year…all very conventional…but I want to shake that up; my life, particularly my career, seems so mapped out and ‘easy’, but, I want more than that! My big passion in life is reading, writing, talking and that is what I want to pursue. In a way, I am on here trying to find some guidance in the right direction.

Has anyone any advice or tips for this blogging novice??