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Should children be able to go to nice restaurants? Or should us adults be able to enjoy the ambiance without hideous screaming and snotty children running around, touching our ‘Saturday night clothes’ with their yoghurt covered fingers? This is the type of question that always divides opinion!

As a primary school teacher, dealing with 4-11 year olds on a daily basis, you would be forgiven for presuming that my opinion would be closer to the latter, but actually my opinion is that children should be welcome.

There are many children who have great manners, who have been bought up to have respect for their surrounding and those around them and why should they not be welcome to experience anything that their parents deem to be something they would enjoy?

On the flip side of this, there are many adults who do not have manners, great or otherwise, have no respect for anyone around them and I would propose that perhaps it is these people that I would not want to spend my Saturday night sat close to…